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Cycling Sports Group Expands IBD Training Program to Europe

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WILTON, USA – Since the launch of Dorel’s ‘Cycling Prophet’ training program in North America in 2016, nearly 70,000 online classes have been taken and no less than 99% of Cannondale dealers have signed up and taken courses with Cycling Prophet. Therefore Dorel’s division Cycling Sports Group (CSG) made it available to IBDs globally including Europe.

Cycling Sports Group Expands IBD Training Program to Europe
The ‘Cycling Prophet’ online training program is now available for IBDs in Europe. – Photo CSG

“In addition to our successful IBD training program in the field, both in sales and technical, over the last several years, our ability to educate relies equally on us listening to retailers and consumers, as it does to offer simple and current topics which clearly communicate our message,” said CSG’s Product Training Manager Europe Yann Collet.

“Whether it is seasoned staff looking for a refresher on CSG offerings, or new hires learning details about new products and unique selling tactics, Cycling Prophet helps create more confidence on the shop floor. Continuous and autonomous education is key to our success in the ever-changing cycling industry.”

Monthly releases of new modules

To ensure IBDs receive the most up to date and useful information, several new training modules per month will be released. This original content is a collaboration between the Cycling Prophet team and the Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and Product Management teams.

“Cycling Prophet is an essential resource to give dealers the power to be brand advocates,” said Jane Pearson, Global Director of Education, CSG. “We want to ensure our dealers have the knowledge to become experts, in addition to having the right tools to do their jobs.”

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