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EU Bicycle Industry Confederation Appoints Board of Directors

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – During its General Assembly, which was held last Thursday, October 12 in Brussels, the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI) appointed its new Board of Directors for the next two years. 

EU Bicycle Industry Confederation Appoints Board of Directors
CONEBI Board members with René Takens (third from left) who has been appointed Honorary president. – Photo CONEBI

The new CONEBI Board consists of:

– Mr. Erhard Büchel (Büchel GmbH & Co. KG) as President
– Mr. Jeroen Snijders Blok (COO of the Accell Group) as Vice-President
– Mr. Paulo Fernando Monteiro Rodrigues (Miralago/Orbita Group Administrator) as Vice-President
– Mr. Massimo Panzeri (CEO of Atala) as Vice-President
– Ms. Sacha Boedijn (Manager and Representative of the Bicycle division of the Dutch industry association RAI Vereniging) as Treasurer.

This means that René Takens, former CEO of Accell Group, has stepped down as CONEBI President. This follows after his leaving of Accell Group this April.

Honorary CONEBI president

At its General Assembly the EU association that represents the Bicycle, Electrically Power Assisted Cycles and Parts & Accessories Industries towards the EU and International Institutions, thanked unanimously René Takens for all his contributions to the work and prestige of CONEBI. In appreciation for that the CONEBI Members have decided to appoint René Takens as Honorary President of CONEBI.

At the General Assembly CONEBI also welcomed a new member; the Hellenic Bicycle Manufacturers Association HEL.BI.M.A representing Greece.

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