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German Industry Association ZIV Warns of Unsafe Dockless Bikes

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BAD SODEN, Germany – While a growing number of operators announce plans to introduce their bike sharing systems in Germany’s (and other European) cities, the national industry association ZIV warns of unsafe bicycles and their non-compliance with road safety regulations.

German Industry Association ZIV Warns of Unsafe Dockless Bikes
ZIV’s initial review has revealed that dockless bikes of some bike sharing providers do not meet requirements, - Photo Bike Europe

The introduction of bike sharing systems in Europe has already caused problems like with the discussions on the use of public space and violations of data protection. The industry association ZIV found out that there have recently been some problems with the new bike-sharing providers regarding road safety.

Non-compliance to StVZO regulations

According to ZIV, an initial review has revealed that the dockless bikes of some providers obviously do not meet the requirements and can’t comply with the road safety regulations StVZO. The issues found are primarily related to the lighting equipment which doesn’t comply with paragraph 67 of the StVZO, and are of great importance to traffic safety. ZIV points out that “this is not only a gross violation of German road traffic law, but it can also be a danger to the users who are traveling with the badly equipped bicycles.”


ZIV claims “the bike sharing providers are obliged to equip their rental bikes in accordance with StVZO in order to comply with current road traffic legislation and to modify the existing shortcomings immediately. Moreover they must ensure the safety and full functionality of the bicycles by regularly servicing them. It is the responsibility that the bike sharing companies carry towards their customers.”

Basically, ZIV welcomes the increase of in bike-sharing offering in German cities, because it can motivate more people to cycle and also the occasional cyclists are addressed easily. “Bike sharing is an important and useful addition to the existing public transport and should be integrated even better,” says ZIV in a statement.

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