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Cycling Industry Club to Host Industry and Technology Forum

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – The forum, ‘future cycling, industry and technology within the European cycling strategy’ will bring together Cycling Industry Club members and cycling supporters from EU institutions. The forum is scheduled for 11 October from 11:00-16:00 in Brussels.

Cycling Industry Club to Host Industry and Technology Forum
A multi-million-euro project in cyclogistics and cargo bikes will be launched at the Cycling Industry Club Forum on 11 October. – Photo Outspoken

This event is the commencement of a new commitment from the cycling industry to strengthen their presence at the European level, and to make a bigger contribution to the European research and innovation agenda. Building on Europe’s success with e-bikes, cargo bikes and bike sharing, a multi-million euro project in cyclogistics and cargo bikes is also being launched. Industry leaders and commission officials will discuss topics such as how e-bikes and services such as bike sharing will be contributing to Europe’s new mobility and innovation strategy, bringing with it jobs and growth.

Preliminary Program

Split into two parts, the morning session will be conducted jointly with CYFO, and will consider policy frameworks and how the cycling industries contribute to the European Cycling Strategy. In the afternoon, there will be an industry only session on the strategy for cycling industries in Europe.

The event is organized by the Cycling Industry Club in partnership with Cycling Forum Europe (CYFO). CYFO is an active parliamentary network by and for MEPs who are favourable to the development of cycling.

All interested stakeholders will be invited to discuss 2-4 times a year in public the role of the European Union in promoting cycling for transportation and leisure in Europe and beyond. ECF is a member of the forum and provides for the secretariat.

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