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Cycling Industries Europe Officially Registered as NGO – Trade Association

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – Last month, on the 1st of March, Cycling Industries Europe has been officially registered as an international Non-Governmental Organization – Trade Association. Its first exposure to the sector took place at the earlier this month held Taipei Cycle Show which was visited by CEO Kevin Mayne and Policy Director Lauha Fried.

Cycling Industries Europe Officially Registered as NGO – Trade Association
Cycling Industries Europe, with CEO Kevin Mayne and Policy Director Lauha Fried, has secured partnership in two European Union projects. – Photo Bike Europe

Cycling Industries Europe is the new voice for the bike business in Europe. It derived from the informal “Cycling Industry Club” as the new trade association for corporate advocacy at EU level. Cycling Industries Europe was founded last October by Accell, PON, Shimano, SRAM and Cycleurope, along with about 50 other companies. The association will include the Platform for European Bike Sharing and Systems, so the new association can represent the whole of cycling’s commercial sector.

Cycling Industries Europe goals

The goals of Cycling Industries Europe are:

  • Creating a dynamic, competitive and sustainable business environment
  • An effective lobby for incentives and investments from the EU and governments
  • Growth in cycling employment and investment in Europe
  • An effective partnership and support for the advocacy of our partners
  • Resulting in more cycling, sharing the benefits and enjoyment of cycling for all

Capturing lobbying power

At the Taipei Cycle Show Cycling Industries Europe CEO Kevin Mayne said that he has the team now in place consisting (including himself) of three with two staff vacancies to be filled. Cycling Industries Europe will share an office with Confederation European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI) in Brussels which makes avoiding duplication of actions all the more easy.

Uniting lobbying power of cycling

Cycling Industries Europe is to unite all the lobbying power of cycling companies in one voice. First objective is to deliver on the goals set by the EU Cycling Strategy. In support of that Cycling Industries Europe has already secured partnership in two European Union projects. One is the named “Bicycle ITS” – Intelligent Transport System project which is all about connected cycling. It involves 6 cities with which Cycling Industries Europe is working on pilots of data driven cycling.

The other project is on Cargo Bikes. With a EU subsidy of 4 million euro the Cargo Bike project is to change city logistics in 100 cities. Cycling Industries Europe is now working on a new financial approach to business for the cargo bike sector.

For both projects the NGO is establishing expert groups to bring together the experience of the cycling industries with experts in related fields; an approach it expects to continue in all its lobby fields.

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