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UK’s Bicycle Association Extends Options For IBDs Data Collection

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UK’s Bicycle Association Extends Options For IBDs Data Collection
Seanic Retail provides bike-specific, Cloud-based EPOS software to IBDs. – Photo Bike Europe

CAMBRIDGE, UK – The Bicycle Association (BA), the national body representing the bike industry in the UK, has announced it has partnered with Seanic Retail to further the progress its UK Market data service. “Retailers with Seanic Retail EPOS tills will be able to automatically and anonymously contribute their data to its Market Data Service,” announced the BA.

The arrangement with Seanic adds to direct relationships already established with EPOS till providers Abacus, Ascend and Citrus Lime and represents a further positive step for the BA towards its stated aim of covering 70 percent of the UK market by the end of its first year (January 2020).

Industry initiative for data collection

The BA’s Market Data Service is an industry initiative to provide accurate sales data to the whole sector and will be free to all independent bike dealers contributing their data. Bike Europe extensively reported on this initiative last January.

“Partnering with Seanic is clearly a further incentive for more IBD’s to join the scheme,” says the industry organization.

The BA works with specialist data partner, Sports Marketing Surveys Inc., to produce a detailed monthly reporting service available through an on-line ‘dashboard’. SMS Inc. handle all the raw data on behalf of the BA. The BA boast an impressive list of members, including the likes of Bosch, Brompton, Giant, Halfords, Raleigh and Wiggle-CRC. Users will be able to compare their own data to market and sector averages at category, sub-category, and even SKU (stock keeping unit) level in some areas. Data can also be filtered by price band, by channel, by region or retailer-type and will cover bikes, P&A, clothing and services.

bike-specific software

Seanic Retail is described as providing bike-specific, Cloud-based EPOS software to bike stores, including seamless integration with the website, providing real-time price file visibility for subscribing suppliers. It includes 24/7 telephone support. Seanic Retail also offers a free 60 day trial to make sure the system works for a new retailer. The BA details Seanic’s service as costing GBP 86 per month per store with no hidden fees for setup etc.

300 IBDs signed up

There are now around 300 independent bike shops who have signed up to the BA’s market data service, with more joining every week, and the BA hopes to announce more EPOS till provider partnerships shortly that will enable more shops to automatically transfer their data.

Simon Irons, Associate Director at the Bicycle Association who is leading the market data initiative, said, “We look forward next week to releasing insights based on January to July data which will be available exclusively to those bike retailers, manufacturers and distributors signed up to the service”.

Retailers who do not have a till system or who work with a different till provider are still encouraged to register for the service and you will be contacted to discuss a manual transfer of data initially.

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