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Shimano Recalls Pro Vibe Handlebars

Laws & Regulations

OSAKA, Japan – Shimano American Corporation announced a voluntary recall of their Pro Vibe carbon handlebar due to breaking. Since the recall which was published last August 30, it is illegal to resell this product.

Shimano Recalls Pro Vibe Handlebars
Shimano Pro Vibe Handlebars

The high-end road race Pro Vibe handlebars included in the recall was manufactured by Great Go Cycles Inc. in Taiwan.

Serial numbers
The handlebars are sold separately and they have two labels with “Pro Vibe” logo directly printed on them. The model number appears on the bar code sticker on the packaging and serial numbers are printed on a label inside the tube of the handlebar.

The recalled model numbers are: PRHA0099, PRHA0102, PRHA0103, PRHA0105 and PRHA0106. The affected serial codes are: JE028ZG, JE101ZG, JE106ZG, JF081ZG, JF102ZG, JG048ZG, JH006ZG and JH077ZG.

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