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Urgent Call for e-Bike Experts

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GAND, Belgium – ETRA is in the process of developing a proposal for the European Commission aimed at improving the technical requirements for electric bikes that will remain in the new type-approval (e-bikes with motors of over 250W and assisted speeds of over 25 km/h).

Urgent Call for e-Bike Experts
The new European Union type-approval legislation will apply to a large number of e-bike models.

As the proposal must be finalized before January 14; ETRA places an urgent call on e-bike experts to participate in formulating the proposal.

Already on February 6, 2013 the European Commission wants to present the draft delegated act on functional safety to the member states. According to the European Two-Wheeler Retailers’ Association, the first task is to develop a proposal for the components and characteristics in the Delegated Act on Functional Safety.

Technical requirements
This first delegated act stipulates technical requirements applicable to the following components and characteristics of electric cycles. This list is meant to allow component manufacturers to determine their possible interest in this text.

  1. Test procedures and performance requirements on audible warning devices
  2. Requirements on braking, including anti-lock and combined braking systems
  3. Requirements on electrical safety
  4. Requirements on manufacturer declaration requirements regarding endurance testing of functional safety critical systems, parts and equipment
  5. Requirements on driver-operated controls including identification of controls, tell-tales and indicators
  6. Requirements on installation of lighting and light signaling devices, including automatic switching of lighting
  7. Requirements on rearward visibility
  8. Requirements on seating positions (saddles and seats)
  9. Requirements on steer-ability, cornering properties and turnability
  10. Requirements on the installation of tyres
  11. Requirements on  maximum continuous total power and/or maximum vehicle speed limitation by design
  12. Requirements on vehicle structure integrity

Separate documents

ETRA has analyzed all the listed requirements and has tried to select only what is relevant for electric cycles. Each requirement is dealt with in a separate document. ETRA stipulates that this allows competent makers to select and read only documents with reference to their specific field of expertise.

Additional help
For each requirement, ETRA has summarized the main issue(s) at stake and has formulated concrete questions to which the association needs an answer. ETRA further says: “Although, we currently have a team of around  12 companies/organizations assisting us in formulating a proposal, any additional help would still be very useful. If you are interested and prepared to assist us, please let us know asap by sending a mail to and we will send you the link to the Dropbox folder with all relevant documents. For this first Delegated Act, we are on a very tight deadline. We need the comments from our technical expert team before Monday 14 January.”

Meeting next Thursday 10 January 2013
ETRA is also organizing an information meeting next Thursday 10 January 2013. This meeting is for updating the electric bicycle sector on the new type-approval legislation the European Union has decided on a few weeks ago. This meeting is scheduled from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m and takes place at the UEAPME offices at the Rue Jacques de Lalaing 4, 1040 Brussels, Belgium.

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