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Magura Recalls MT6 and MT8 Brake Levers

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BAD URACH, Germany – A potential fault source in part of a production batch affecting the disc brake range MT6 and MT8 made Magura decide to issue a product recall. The fault could potentially result in a loss of brake pressure which can occur when the brake is exposed to very cold temperatures.

Magura Recalls MT6 and MT8 Brake Levers
The production number of the brakes involved in the replacement is shown on the brake caliper. - Photo Magura

Magura recommends not to use the affected brakes any longer. The brake company offers a free of charge replacement option for any potentially involved MT6 and MT8 disk brake systems.

Affected serial numbers
The replacement only applies to a limited number of MT6 and MT8 brakes which can be identified by a production number visible on the brake caliper as shown. All MT6 and MT8 brakes with serial numbers up to 20531 are subject to this replacement action and could potentially be affected. All MT6 and MT8 brakes without a serial number on the calliper could also potentially be affected and will be replaced.

Magura points out that the MT6/8 brakes with serial numbers higher than 20601 are not affected. All other MT series brakes (MT4, MT2, MTC, MTS and MT Custom) are also not affected.

Return the master cylinder
The lever (master cylinder) of the affected disk brakes will be replaced by Magura Bike Parts GmbH & Co. KG or an approved Magura Service Partner. In order to avail of this replacement Magura requires consumers to remove the complete brake – lever including clamp and clamp retaining nuts, pressure line and calliper – and forward it to Magura Bike Parts GmbH & Co. KG in Bad Urach or to make the appropriate arrangements with their bicycle shop or Magura Service-Partner.

Brake disks and adapters should not be removed and can remain on the bicycle. The full details with regards to this free of charge replacement campaign for bicycle shops and Magura customers can be found on

To ensure a fast, effective and safe replacement consumers are required in advance to register at before returning the brake system.

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