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Hallmark for Bicycle Lighting Products

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AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – To contribute to road safety, the bicycle section of the Dutch RAI industry association launched a hallmark for bicycle lights sold on the market in Holland.

Hallmark for Bicycle Lighting Products
The logo of the new hallmark for bicycle lighting in the Netherlands. - Photo RKF

According to the RAI, “Goal of this hallmark is to improve overall road safety. This hallmark, called RKF, should make it easier for the consumer to select safe, quality lights.” The hallmark is managed by the RKF Foundation.

Contribution to road safety
According to a RKF foundation’s spokesman, “We all know from research but also from our own experience that cyclists without lights or with poor lighting are difficult to see at dusk and especially when it is completely dark.”

Besides encouraging the use of good active bicycle lighting the RKF hallmark also requires reflection. Therefore all RKF’s qualified bicycle lighting has to meet a minimum standard of reflection as well.

For more information on the hallmark for bicycle lighting in the Netherlands, click here (only in Dutch)

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