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ZEG Initiates E-Bike Dedicated Testing Standard

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COLOGNE, Germany – ZEG, Europe’s biggest dealer cooperative, wants to accomplish a cross-industry testing standard dedicated to e-bikes.

ZEG Initiates E-Bike Dedicated Testing Standard
Due to the various testing methods there is a lot of difference in test results.’ – Photo Bike Europe

“In general e-bikes are heavier and drive faster compared to regular bikes, requiring more stability of the frame, handlebar and brakes. However, these components only have to apply to the same European standards as standard bikes,” says ZEG CEO Georg Honkomp.

“Our initiative is an off spring of our Pegasus Quality Commission, founded in July 2012. Together with independent experts and industry insiders we want to develop a Europe wide and cross-industry testing standards specifically for e-bikes.”

Different results at testing institutes

E-bikes are an important product category for ZEG. Earlier this year, Georg Honkomp said in an interview with Bike Europe: “E-bikes are our growth driver.”

Currently all ZEG e-bikes are voluntarily tested at several independent institutes. “The problem is that due to the various testing methods there is a lot of difference in the results. A uniform testing standard would create a lot of clarity for manufacturers and consumers,” noted Georg Honkomp.

Stiftung Warentest and ADAC

With this in mind, ZEG initiated a cross-industry committee which includes industry representatives and independent experts to develop an uniform testing method. Initial talks already took place with the German consumer organization Stiftung Warentest and Professor Dr. Bernd Lemser former board member of the ADAC Technology Committee.

“We want to make a strong case for a clear system with high requirements that guarantees high quality and safe driving behavior for consumers,” claimed Georg Honkomp.

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