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Working Group Decides on Standardized E-bike Interfaces

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ROSTOCK, Germany – ExtraEnergy and CAN have recently taken an important step towards the final e-bike protocol for safe energy management with standardized interfaces. With the version 2.0 of the CiA 454 CANopen Application Profile/EnergyBus Protocol, only compatible systems can become active.

Working Group Decides on Standardized E-bike Interfaces
Hannes Neupert, “This is an important milestone on the road to a unified charging interface, and a unified error diagnosis system for Light Electric Vehicles.”

The protocol, based on the original document of Johannes Dörndorfer, will finally result in safety for the end user, dealers and system manufacturers.

Combining interfaces safely

“Standardization simplifies both maintenance and repair for cycle dealers,” says Hannes Neupert of EnergyBus e. V. “Today, a dealer has to use manufacturer-specific software to diagnose errors or to perform software updates on any particular drive system. Sometimes they also need to have hardware to hand in the form of adaptors. In practice, it’s simply not possible for any one dealer to be able to help every electric bike customer.”

“With EnergyBus a single error code readout becomes possible, similar to the system used on cars known as the OBD interface, explains Neupert. “This is in the interests of both customers and dealers. The OBD interface was made compulsory by the EU, in the interests of customers, against the wishes of the automobile industry. In the longer term system manufacturers benefit too, even those who want to market their products and services exclusively.”

As soon as the decisions of the working group in Rostock have been implemented into the document, all of the document sections relevant to the charging process will be distributed within the collaborative consortium. The documents will then be made available in the member areas of the websites of CAN in Automation ( and EnergyBus (

IEC ISO Standard Interfaces

The protocol, developed jointly by EnergyBus and CAN in Automation members, will be taken as the starting point for the work of the Joint Standards Group of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Standard Organization (ISO).

For the joint commission IEC/ISO/TC69/JPT61851-3, this work was incorporated at the recent sitting of the German national mirror committee in Frankfurt on the January 14th and at the next international session in New Dehli in India from January 27 – 31.

“Assuming that no better suggestion is provided by other participants, an IEC/ISO pre-standard based on CANOpen 454/EnergyBus will be published next Summer. This is an important milestone on the road to a unified charging interface, and a unified error diagnosis system for Light Electric Vehicles”, concluded Hannes Neupert.

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