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Results at 1st UCI Equipment Commission Meeting

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AIGLE, Switzerland – The newly formed UCI Equipment Commission met recently along with the bicycle industry, representatives from team management, mechanics, commissaries, technology and fans. The meeting was led by UCI President Brian Cookson and UCI Technology and Innovation Consultant Dimitris Katsanis.

Results at 1st UCI Equipment Commission Meeting
WFSGI Secretary General Robbert de Kock will conduct further meetings with the UCI to reach final agreements for wheels and disc brakes. – Photo Bike Europe

“We appreciate the open and fact-based approach of the Equipment Commission (EC) on technical innovations and is looking forward to a close collaboration with the UCI in representing the bicycle industry,” said WFSGI Secretary General Robbert de Kock who was nominated by the WFSGI Bicycle Committees as the industry’s representative.

“Although it may take a little bit of time, we will under the new UCI management, certainly see more possibilities to bring further innovation to the cycling sport and this is encouraging for the industry.”

Overall goal for all stakeholders is to guarantee the safety of all riders by respecting also existing rules of the UCI and the fact that cycling should be identifiable as cycling. During the first EC meeting in the new composition several minor rule amendments have been discussed and decided. Here a short overview:

Extension Tall Riders

The sole change getting in place immediately (and decided by the UCI Management Commission) is that tall riders (190cm and taller) are allowed to use handlebar extensions which are up to 85cm from the vertical line passing through the bottom bracket axle.

As it was mentioned as a clear goal of the new UCI equipment management to always put a clear reason behind a rule change it was also decided that further studies on the use of handlebar extensions in combination with the length of riders will be conducted for a more permanent and scientific solution.

Saddle rules – manufacturers

Different possible adjustments regarding size, angle and position of saddles have been discussed. As the EC did not want to take decisions without factual information or a clear reasoning behind the change, the WFSGI was requested to go back to its saddle manufacturing members to collect more information. The UCI will do so with the teams, riders and medical commission.

The WFSGI will contact its members on this issue. Other interested industry parties, who wish to be part of the process should get in touch with WFSGI.

Disc brakes and wheel approval

After various discussion rounds it was clear that the EC and the UCI mentioned its wish to simplify the process of wheel approvals as much as possible and will therefore work together with the WFSGI on a fast and reliable solution. As a long-term goal the UCI also can imagine to apply ISO/CEN norms as their regulation tool. As a next step the various concerned WFSGI committees will conduct further meetings with the UCI to reach a final agreement for wheels and disc brakes.

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