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Hebie’s Chainglider Fell Victim to Copycats

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BIELEFELD, Germany – Hebie is currently faced with outright copies of its successful Chainglider. The bicycle parts manufacturer did not want to disclose the name of the bicycle distributor specifying the fake Chaingliders.

Hebie’s Chainglider Fell Victim to Copycats
Hebie’s Chainglider is protected by international patents. - Photo Hebie

“The Chainglider is protected by several national and international patents,” says Hebie CEO Dirk Niermann. In the past years we have invested in extensive technical expertise for the continuous development of the product resulting in a large variety of models.”

“It is a shame that in this case of patent infringement we do not need to address manufacturers in the Far East, but a European bicycle distributor. We call upon our customers to report any dubious third party offers.”

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