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SR Suntour Reacts on Mega Recall Scott and Trek

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The recall from both Scott and Trek involving over 125,000 bikes is not due to any defect in SR Suntour forks. In a statement by a spokesman from SR Suntour, it is said that: “SR Suntour does not plan to conduct a recall of any of these forks.”

SR Suntour Reacts on Mega Recall Scott and Trek

That SR Suntour is not recalling the involved forks used by Scott and Trek is because: “The investigation and analysis conducted by SR Suntour confirms that SR Suntour forks are not defective and do not present a hazard or risk of injury to consumers,” says the parts maker in a statement.

Special quick release developed

In connection with the recall, the Trek subsidiary for the Netherlands and Belgium (Trek Benelux) issued a notice for its dealers last week in which the company says that it has developed a special quick release for preventing the break of the suspension fork drop-outs. SR Suntour was not involved in the design, manufacture or specification of any component of the front assembly originally used on the recalled bicycles, and was not involved in the development of this special quick release.

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