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Producers Screened for Parts Anti-Dumping Exemption

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – On 5 September 2014, the European Commission started the screening of bike producers based in the EU which are currently exempted from the anti-dumping duty on certain Chinese bicycle parts.

Producers Screened for Parts Anti-Dumping Exemption
The 48.5% anti-circumvention duty applies, among other parts, to painted frames and forks. – Photo Bike Europe

After the introduction of anti-dumping duties on Chinese bikes, a number of exporters and importers tried to skirt the extra levy for instance by shipping the bikes not fully assembled and declaring them as parts instead of bikes. To counter this abuse, in 1997 the Commission issued Regulation 71/97, which extended the 48.5% duty on bicycle imports to the imports of certain bicycle parts.

In Regulation 88/97, the Commission specified the conditions and the administrative rules European companies have to comply with in order to obtain an exemption from these additional duties. Click here to download that Regulation

Review of exempted EU producers

On September 5, 2014 the European Commission issued a notice that a review of the exempted EU producers has started. In this notice the European Commission says: “The screening exercise will collect basic information about the exempted parties in order to update the references in the TARIC database in line with their company details as recorded in the business registries and to ensure the sound management of the exemption scheme.”

For the screening a simple questionnaire is now accessible online. Click here for that questionnaire

The exempted parties will be individually informed by post and by e-mail. If an exempted party has changed their registered office address or contact details and is not contacted during that period, it should directly contact the Commission under: for further information.

All exempted parties will be required to respond to this screening questionnaire by 15 October 2014 at the latest.

Anti-Circumvention Duty on Chinese Parts

The 48.5% anti-circumvention duty applies to the following bicycle parts:

  • painted or anodized or polished and/or lacquered bicycle frames (CN 87149110)
  • painted or anodized or polished and/or lacquered bicycle front forks (CN 87149130)
  • derailleur gears (CN 87149950)
  • crank-gear (CN 87149630)
  • free-wheel sprocket-wheels (CN 87149390)
  • brakes other than coaster brakes and hub brakes (CN 87149430)
  • brake levers (CN 87149490)
  • complete wheels with or without tubes, tires and sprockets (CN 87149990)
  • handlebars (CN87149910) whether or not presented with a stem, brake and/or gear levers attached

Since 1997, a 48.5% anti-circumvention duty applies to the import of these parts into the EU. The measure will normally continue until 3 October 2016.

For more on the anti-circumvention duties on certain Chinese parts click here

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