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Humpert Guarantees Its Handlebars For Ten Years

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WICKEDE, Germany – After the successful completion of long-term testing, component manufacturer Humpert is extending its product guarantee for the brand ergotec MAS handlebars to 10 years.

Humpert Guarantees Its Handlebars For Ten Years
Humpert extends its product guarantee after a long-term test program. – Photo Bike Europe

“When it comes to a guarantee, simply increasing the forces on the test machines is not sufficient,” says Rolf Häcker, product manager, Humpert. “The first requirement is to identify the circumstantial influences which can have an effect on the product in the course of time. You also need to find out all possibilities of incorrect use of the product as well as higher load and frequent usage of the handlebar.”

Vital to safety

“The next step was to develop an appropriate test program and take into account the circumstantial influences, incorrect use and higher loads. In our view, this is the only way we could extend our guarantee to 10 years for components such as handlebars which are so vital to safety.”

Further premium handlebar models such as the AL 7050 T6 are currently being subject to long-term testing by ergotec, and will probably also be guaranteed for a longer period.

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