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EU Commission to Review 2011 White Paper on Transport

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – The European Commission has launched a public consultation on the mid-term review of the 2011 White Paper on Transport which outlined the plans for clean mobility in urban areas. At the time of presentation of this document in April 2011 the bicycle industry believed that the importance of two-wheelers for clean transport continued to be overlooked.

EU Commission to Review 2011 White Paper on Transport
The European Commission might review its policy on clean mobility in urban areas based on its 2011 White Paper on Transport. – Photo Bike Europe

The mid-term review is an excellent opportunity to put more emphasis on the important role of e-bike in urban mobility. The consultation aims at collecting stakeholders’ views on the White Paper: “Roadmap to a Single European Transport Areas – Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system”. Click here for more information on this whitepaper.

The European Commission has asked respondents to assess the progress in the implementation of the White Paper and identify key challenges to transport policy, as well as to provide any suggestion for refocusing the strategy in the next year.

The results of the consultation will feed into the stock taking of the 2011 White Paper and into refocusing of the strategy. The consultation will last for 12 weeks. Questionnaires should be returned by 2 June 2015.

The online questionnaire is here:

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