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French Government Removes Bike Mechanic Requirements

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PARIS, France – “An unnecessary and dangerous initiative by our Government”, said Pierre Gogin, Deputy Chairman of the industry organization FPS in response to the simplification of the requirements for bicycle mechanics by the French authorities.

French Government Removes Bike Mechanic Requirements
With new regulation in France professional maintenance and repair of bicycles requires no qualification any longer. – Photo Bike Europe

Since 1996 the professional maintenance and repair of bicycles could only be performed by qualified and certified personnel. Only in the past 10 years some 10,000 professionals qualified to service bicycles professionally ensuring a minimum level of safety and quality to users and consumers. “With the latest announcement of the government this minimal qualification has been removed and now imposes to motor vehicles only. An incomprehensible decision, which imposes a real risk to consumer safety,” said Pierre Gogin in the magazine Filière Sport.

Cycling safety

Gogin also points out that, “since 1996 thousands of young people have passed the exams allowing them to get a job in a workshop. The new regulation completely neglects the importance of their training which is often the only official education they have. Moreover the 1996 regulation has never been a hindrance to start a bicycle shop.”

“It will inevitably have an effect on cycling safety. With 159 deaths per year, an increase of 8% since 2010, cyclists are already paying a heavy toll in terms of road safety. This measure will generate a surplus of accidents as a result of incorrect or defective assembled or maintained bicycles. The growing complexity of bicycles, partly because of the growing e-bike sales makes this even more important.”


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