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Abus Sets Sights at Eurobike for Launch Speed E-Bike Helmet

Laws & Regulations

WETTER, Germany – The Germany security product supplier Abus is closely involved in the development of a dedicated speed e-bike helmet for the North European market. Together with the Dutch standardization institute NEN the requirements for this helmet that complies with the ECE 22.05 standard are laid out at the moment.

Abus Sets Sights at Eurobike for Launch Speed E-Bike Helmet
Abus already distributes a dedicated e-bike helmet range. – Photo Abus

A dedicated helmet which meets these requirements is expected at Eurobike 2016 and should be on the market as of January 1, 2017. As of that date the one year transition period for the new European regulation on speed e-bikes which started on January 1, 2016 will end.

Motorcycle helmet?

As of next January the use of a speed e-bike helmet will be obligatory in some countries. What kind of helmet differs per country. In the Netherlands these helmets have to comply with EC22.05, or motorcycle helmet standards. However these are not regarded as useful when riding a speed- e-bike.

Investment for the future

After consulting the Dutch authorities a group of stakeholders decided to develop an completely new kind of helmet. However as upcoming manufacturer of this speed e-bike helmet Abus sees this project as, “An investment for the future as the volumes are expected to be small in the years ahead and certainly not sufficient to meet the costs for R&D.”

Germany requires a ‘suitable’ helmet

The legal situation in Germany regarding speed e-bike helmets is completely different compared to that of for instance the Netherlands. Dutch regulations say that helmet use is obligatory and that they must meet EN standards. German regulations say that speed e-bike riders have to wear a ‘suitable’ helmet without stipulating its specifications. Whether or not a standard bicycle helmet is suitable is left to a future court ruling.


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