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Global Safety Notice for Cannondale Slate Bicycles

Laws & Regulations

WILTON, USA – The modification of Cannondale’s Slate wheelsets from tube tyres to tubeless proved not to be safe. Cannondale received reports of consumer who modified their wheelsets to run tubeless and the tyre came off the rim.

Global Safety Notice for Cannondale Slate Bicycles
The modification of the Slate wheelset to tubeless is not save. – Photo Cannondale

In a safety notification Cannondale points out that, “the Slate is safe when ridden in the original condition with an inner tube. After removal of the inner tube the tyre bead may not seat properly in the rim.”

Reinstallement or replacement

This safety notice affects all 2016 Cannondale Slate bicycles sold worldwide. Cannondale suggest everybody to have the inner tubes returned or installed in both wheels before riding again. Another option is to replace the wheel set, offered free of charge by Cannondale.

Though it should be save according to Cannondale to ride the Slate in its original configuration with an inner tube, the bicycle company calls everyone to report for a new wheelset.

Slate wheels can be identified by the ‘Slate’ logo decal on both the front and rear wheels.

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