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Two Institutes Licensed to Certify Speed E-Bike Helmets

Laws & Regulations

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Following the publication of speed e-bike helmet certification in the Netherlands, the NTA 8776, it is now possible to have these helmets certified. Speed e-bike helmets can now be certified for both the Netherlands and Belgium.

Two Institutes Licensed to Certify Speed E-Bike Helmets
In close cooperation with an industry expert group, a certification scheme for speed e-bike helmets has been developed. – Photo NEN

In close cooperation with an industry expert group, the standardization organization in the Netherlands NEN developed the certification scheme NCS 8776. In this scheme the requirements for certification bodies (CB’s) are written down. Both the Belgian Road Safety Institute (BRSI) in Brussels, Belgium and Telefication, in Zevenaar, the Netherlands are licensed to certify according to NCS 8776.

Mark approval

Helmet manufacturers can contact one of the above mentioned CB’s to certify speed pedelec helmets as of immediately. After a successful assessment, the manufacturers will receive a certificate and from then on they can put the accompanying mark of approval on the helmet.

For the Netherlands a mark of approval on the helmet, as described in NTA 8776 Annex B, is mandatory. At the moment, this only applies to the Netherlands as in Belgium, speed e-bike riders are still allowed to wear a conventional bicycle helmet. A speed e-bike helmet is not compulsory.

Expert group

The industry expert group that has developed NCS 8776 consists of: ABUS, Accell Group, BBB Cycling, Belgian Road Safety Institute, Bell Sports, CONEBI, Gazelle, KASK, MET Helmets, Pon, RAI Vereniging, Riese & Müller, TASS International, Telefication and TNO.


The NTA 8776 and NCS 8776 are freely available for a review. You only have to register at NEN Connect. The NTA 8766 can also be purchased in the web shop.

For more information

For questions about NTA 8776 and/or NCS 8776 please contact:
Robby Veders
Consultant Industry and Safety
Telephone: +31 15 2 690 1380

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