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Trade Alert! EU Changes CN Import Codes for E-Bikes

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BRUSSEL, Belgium – Under the European Union’s CN codes all imports into the European Union are tracked while all import, dumping and circumvention duties are linked to these codes. As of January 1 of this year, the CN codes for e-bikes and speed e-bikes/speed pedelecs changed. Entering the wrong CN code can have far reaching consequences. It not only impacts fiscal matters such as customs duties, also bans and restrictions, import/export licensing and permit requirements, documentation requirements, and the obligation to report certain measures.

Trade Alert! EU Changes CN Import Codes for E-Bikes
The European Union issued new CN codes for the import of e-bikes and speed pedelecs. – Photo Bike Europe

The revised CN codes for e-bikes and speed e-bikes (also named speed pedelecs) were published in the Official Journal of the European Union. The reason for these new CN codes is according to the European Union, “to take account of the latest changes in the Harmonised System Nomenclature.” This system brings together the customs codes of more than 200 countries and is developed and maintained by the World Customs Organization.

Codes for e-bikes and speed pedelecs

The first of the two main changes for the bicycle industry in the list of CN codes is in the category ‘bicycles, tricycles and quadricycles, with pedal assistance, with an auxiliary electric motor with a continuous rated power not exceeding 250 watts’. The new CN codes is 8711 60 10. The old code was 8711 90 10.

The second main change is the introduction of a new CN code for speed e-bikes; CN 8711 60 90. Till last year the code was 8711 90 10. The category 8711 90 90 has been combined with the new 8711 60 90 as it was hardly used. For all products which do not comply with the conditions for the category 8711 60 10 and 8711 60 90 the category 8711 90 00 has been created and referred to as ‘others’.

Overview of the changes in CN Codes for e-bikes

2016 2017
8711 90 10 8711 60 10 E-bikes (max 250 watt)
8711 90 10 ex 8711 60 90 Speed e-bikes
8711 90 90 ex 8711 60 90
8711 90 90 8711 90 00 Other

Source: OJ_L_2016_294

The CN codes for electric bikes entered into force as of January 1, 2012 and were created on request of the European industry organizations COLIBI/COLIPED which merged into CONEBI. The main advantage of using specific e-bike CN codes is increased market transparency as it gives a clear understanding of the number of units imported into and exported out of the EU; from which countries and at which prices (average values), as published by Eurostat.

Updated list of CN codes for parts and accessories

Obviously the list of CN codes is not limited to e-bikes and speed e-bikes but it also includes regular bicycles and a wide range of components. None of the codes for these categories have changed as of 1 January 2017.

  • bicycles with ball bearings (CN 8712 0030)
  • other bicycles (CN 8712 0070)
  • painted or anodized or polished and/or lacquered bicycle frames (CN 8714 9110)
  • painted or anodized or polished and/or lacquered bicycle front forks (CN 8714 9130)
  • rims (CN 8714 92 10)
  • spokes (CN 8714 92 90)
  • hubs, other than coaster braking hubs and hub brakes, and free-wheel sprocket-wheels (CN 8714 93 00)
  • brakes (CN 8714 94 20)
  • saddles (CN 8714 95 00)
  • pedals (CN 8714 96 10)
  • derailleur gears (CN 8714 9950)
  • crank-gear (CN 8714 9630)
  • brake levers (CN 8714 9490)
  • complete wheels with or without tubes, tires and sprockets (CN 8714 9990)
  • handlebars (CN8714 9910) whether or not presented with a stem, brake and/or gear levers attached
  • luggage carriers (CN 8714 9930)
  • tyres (CN 4011 5000)
  • inner tubes (CN 4013 2000)
  • lighting or visual signalling equipment (CN 8512 1000)
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