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Which Tyres and Helmets Are Street Legal for Speed E-Bikes?

Laws & Regulations

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Now the legally binding type-approval system for 45 km/h electric bikes or speed e-bikes/speed pedelecs is applicable in Europe since the start of 2017 the list of type approved parts, components and accessories is getting longer. And it’s not an easy system to handle. Most parts and components need a European certification, while for the helmets only a national type approval in the Netherlands and Belgium is required.

Which Tyres and Helmets Are Street Legal for Speed E-Bikes?
Schwalbe, Continental and Kenda have all introduced ECE-75R type approved speed e-bike tyres. – Photo Schwalbe

The type-approval does not only apply to the whole vehicle, but also to a wide range of its components and characteristics. The list of components which have to be tested and certified to comply with the type approval regulation as published by Bike Europe, includes common parts like brakes, lighting and signalling devices, mirrors and stands. The certification procedure also applies when dealers replace the parts on this list in their workshops.

Tyres excluded

However this certification procedure doesn’t apply to the tyres. ECE-75R tyres might be fitted on speed e-bikes but it is not compulsory as long as the technically permissible maximum mass is less than 150 kilogram and the width of the tyre is less than 67 millimetre. The code ‘ECE’ refers to Regulation number 75 of the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE). The ‘R’ refers to ‘reinforced. The ECE also published the type approval for L category tyres which include the L1B vehicles or the speed e-bikes.

Unlike the certified helmets (see below) there is no publication of the ECE-75R certified speed e-bike tyres but among them are the Schwalbe Energizer, Energizer Pro, Energizer plus and Energizer plus Tour, the Continental Top Contact 2, the Kenda EMC Havok, Nevegal X and Honey Badger DH.

Street-legal speed e-bike helmets

The Dutch standardization institute NEN reported that two speed e-bike helmets received the NTA 8776 certificate. Both the Cratoni Vigor and the Bontrager Rally Mips are until now the only two helmets which are street-legal and comply with the national road regulations in the Netherlands and Belgium. An up-to-date list of all speed e-bike helmets which have been tested and certified by the Dutch institute is published on the website of the NEN.

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