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Decathlon Recalls 2012-2016 E-Bikes

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VILLENEUVE D’ASCQ, France – Decathlon issued a voluntary recall for a full line of ladies e-bikes due to breaking frames. The e-bikes included in this recall were distributed between 23 February 2012 and 4 August 2016.

Decathlon Recalls 2012-2016 E-Bikes
Decathlon's recall involves ladies e-bikes due to breaking frames. - Photo Bike Europe

According to Decathlon these e-bikes were sold in several European countries. The majority was distributed in Belgium. The French sports retail chain urges its customers not to ride their e-bike anymore and contact their nearest Decathlon store. All e-bikes involved in the recall are specified with a front hub motor.

The recall includes these lady’s e-bikes:

  • S’cape EB7 2012 / EB7 2013 / EB9 2013
  • B’twin EB940 2014 / EB960 2014 / EB980 2014
  • B’twin e-city 900 black 2015 / e-city 920 grey 2015 / e-city 940 blue 2015

Decathlon’s customers have three options once they return the e-bike. They are offered full reimbursement in cash or a Decathlon Gift card. The customer can also choose a new bike including in the current range including a refund in case or Decathlon Gift card in case of a difference in price.

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