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German Industry Calls for Measures Against E-Bike Tuning

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BAD SODEN, Germany – In Germany a joint industry platform has issued warnings on the tuning and manipulation of e-bikes and calls for measures. Next to tuning also the continued selling of non-type-approved speed e-bike models is taking place and is jeopardizing the success of electric bicycles, e-MTBs and speed e-bikes.

German Industry Calls for Measures Against E-Bike Tuning
Joint industry platform AGF in Germany issued warnings on tuning and manipulation of e-bikes.

Yesterday, the German AG Fahrradwirtschaft (AGF) issued the warning on tuning and manipulation of e-bikes. AGF is a platform consisting of various associations and organizations of the bicycle industry who exchange information on current topics at regular meetings. The objectives of the AGF are the processing of common, overarching topics in order to find strategies and solutions.

Members of the AGF are: the German industry association ZIV; the association for retailers of two-wheelers VDZ; the bicycle service association VSF; dealer cooperative BICO and the federal association of mechanics for two-wheelers BIV.


Yesterday, these AGF members issued this statement, “We strongly oppose any kind of manipulation of e-bikes and e-bike drive systems used by the German and international bicycle industry by for instance power increase and, or the maximum support speed. As AGF we expressly point out that manipulations can have serious negative consequences both technical and liability-related.”

Measures to prevent manipulation and tuning

The AGF sums up the following measures that are taken to prevent manipulation and tuning:

  • The e-bike industry, organized in the ZIV, ensures that all the safety requirements included in the EN standard 15194/2017 are fulfilled.
  • The industry is continually working on the improvement of drive systems to make manipulations more difficult.
  • In all industry and trade publications on this topic, the players argue against the tuning of e-bikes and point out the legal consequences.
  • Measures are being taken to raise awareness of the risks and dangers of manipulation among all stakeholders. This applies to retailers and end users.
  • The AGF will actively encourage everyone in the e-bike distribution chain to inform about the legal consequences of manipulation.
  • In carrying out trainings and publications, the AGF members will inform about the consequences of violating this Code of Conduct.
  • The AGF will regularly provide information on the subject at joint events with other associations of the bicycle/e-bike industry.
  • The AGF will provide dealers and end users with information on the mandatory licensing of speed e-bikes (45 km/h) to identify these vehicles.

Next to these measures the AGF will also organize networking events for the industry, dealer associations, consumer organizations, police, accident research institutes, experts, test institutes and specialist media that point to the risks of tuning e-bikes.

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