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Development Starts for Cargo Bikes’ Safety Standard 

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DELFT, the Netherlands – The European Standardization Committee for bicycles CEN/TC 333 ‘Cycles’ considers it high time that a standard describing the safety requirements and test methods for cargo bikes be developed. Stakeholders are requested to join the development process. The vote on the start of the normalization process is October 5.

Development Starts for Cargo Bikes’ Safety Standard 
In Dutch cities such cargo bikes are everywhere nowadays. High time for European safety standard. – Photo Baboe

The start of the development process for a EU Safety Standard for cargo bikes has been announced by the Dutch Standardization Institute (NEN) yesterday. In Dutch cities cargo bikes are everywhere nowadays; in particular the ones with a parent carrying two or more children for commuting to and from school. Next to those businesses like fast food restaurants are using more and more electric cargo bikes for home deliveries.

Increasing sales

In addition to the popularity in the Netherlands, cargo bikes of all types and sizes are being increasingly sold in Germany, Denmark, France and the United Kingdom. At present, however, there are no European safety standards for this particular means of transport: due to its diverse nature. The cargo bike is not included in the ISO 4210 ‘Safety Requirements for Bicycles’ which is the safety standard for City, Trekking, MTB, Road, and Young Adult bikes.

EU General Product Safety Directive

Generally speaking the cargo bike is not being manufactured on a large scale. This results in the fact that the application of safety requirements and test methods as described in the ISO 4210 standard is not considered suitable for this type of bicycle. With that cargo bike manufacturers are left without an appropriate standard to help them comply with the EU General Product Safety Directive.

Work started in Germany and France

The Dutch Standardization Institute (NEN) further stipulates that work for a European cargo bike standard, already started in Germany and France. Here national documents are being prepared that can serve as a basis for a European standard. This work is now also being started in The Netherlands for which stakeholders are requested to take part in.


Stakeholders like cargo bike manufacturers distributors and certification bodies that wish to influence the European normalization process, need to come forward at their national Standardization Institute as the European vote on the standardization proposal for cargo bikes will run on 5 October.

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