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European Industry Files Anti-Dumping Complaint on E-Bike Imports From China

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – The European Bicycle Manufacturers Association (EBMA) filed an anti-dumping complaint with the European Commission. “Dumped Chinese e-bikes are flooding the EU market,” said EBMA Secretary Moreno Fioravanti. 

European Industry Files Anti-Dumping Complaint on E-Bike Imports From China
“China is dumping e-bikes on a massive scale damaging the European manufacturers,” said EBMA Secretary Moreno Fioravanti. – Photo Bike Europe

“European e-bikes are undercut and overwhelmed on their home market by heavily subsidized, illegally dumped Chinese e-bikes which are sold below the production costs,” explains Moreno Fioravanti. “The import of e-bikes from China have been increasing quickly and have now exploded. Imports in the first seven months of 2017 already exceed the entire 2016 import volume. E-bike imports from China into the EU increased from virtually zero in 2010 to more than 800,000 units in 2017. Therefore, we have filed a complaint with the European Commission, calling for the registration of imports and urgent anti-dumping measures on e-bikes from China. We are also preparing an anti-subsidy complaint. We urge the European Commission to investigate the unfair trade practices of Chinese e-bike exporters as soon as possible.”

Industry at risk

EBMA reports that, “more than 430,000 Chinese e-bikes were dumped into the EU in 2016, representing 70% of all e-bikes imported from outside Europe. Chinese imports in 2016 showed a massive 40% volume growth compared to the previous year. With over 90,000 direct and indirect skilled workers, the EU bicycle industry has invested over €1 billion in e-bike development in 2016 alone. Hence, major EU investments, innovation and competitiveness, as well as substantial employment and the protection of the environment, would be at risk without the imposition of measures,” said Fioravanti.

EBMA data shows that an annual e-bike production in China of 51 million units. With an annual consumption in China of 28 million e-bike, the Chinese industry is said to have an overcapacity of 23 million units. “This is ten time the total market volume in Europe,” said Moreno Fioravanti. “Next to that the 13th five-year plan of the People’s Republic of China’s did set a clear goal for 2020 to ‘increase the export of e-bikes drastically’ and the production volume ‘of middle and high-end bicycles and lithium battery e-bikes will be increased year by year.’”

Request for legitimate trade defense measures

The total production volume of e-bikes in the European Union was just over 1 million units. “Despite the increase in EU production last year of 13% it was much less than the expansion of the EU consumption thanks to the flood of dumped Chinese e-bikes,” claims EBMA. “Although the market is booming the huge increase of dumped Chinese e-bikes will annihilate the European production within a few years if legitimate trade defense measures are not imposed by the EU.”

“The European Commission must stop China dumping e-bikes and immediately register imports so anti-dumping duties can be applied retroactively,” Moreno Fioravanti. He is confident the European Commission will also conclude that China is dumping e-bikes on a massive scale damaging the European manufacturers. “Anti-dumping measures are clearly in the EU’s interest because e-bikes are a strategic, innovative industry for Europe’s green and smart e-mobility future”, said Moreno Fioravanti.

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