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EBMA Reacts: ‘Delivering Detailed Evidence’

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – On a request by Bike Europe the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association presented a reaction on the recent actions by the e-bike Importers Collective. 21 importers of electric bicycles from 7 EU member states have joined forces in this Collective which earlier this week submitted their Preliminary Comments to the European Commission on the EBMA Complaint and EU’s anti-dumping proceeding that followed.

EBMA Reacts: ‘Delivering Detailed Evidence’
EBMA’s SG Moreno Fioravanti. – Photo Bike Europe

In the Preliminary Comments document of the “Collective of European Importers of Electric Bicycles” it’s is repeatedly claimed that EBMA is not producing evidences that underline their dumping accusations. EBMA’s reaction on the Importers’ Comments in particular points to such evidence.

Detailed documentation

EBMA’s Secretary General Moreno Fioravanti answered on Bike Europe questions with “Actually we have no comment other than that we have – as always in the past – delivered to the European Commission very detailed documentation and that was sufficient for the Commission to initiate a full investigation in order to arrive at a complete picture.”

Open and closed versions of complaint

There is an ‘open version’ of the complaint which EBMA submitted to the Commission to be made available for ‘interested parties’, and which already gives a clear indication of the documentation in the full version of the complaint. This open version is available for download on this webpage.

As the name already implies; next to the open version, the closed one contains a full set of documentation, not all of which can be put on the ‘open file’.  This is normal procedure for a complaint, explains EBMA’s SG Fioravanti who further says “I need to underline that the reputation in Brussels of EBMA – thanks to the great work of our Founder Brian Montgomery – is excellent: we have requested 15 anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and anti-circumvention cases and the Commission’s findings have vindicated those requests and led to the adoption and maintenance of legitimate defense measures which have allowed our most important asset, our 800 SMEs and our 90,000 Workers, to continue to carry out Sustainable EU Manufacturing. indeed we are one of the largest Employers of the EU Green Industries.”

‘Delivering detailed evidence’

EBMA’s Moreno Fioravanti continues “And we won all these investigations for one very simple reason: we always delivered sufficient detailed evidence to the European Commission to justify the initiation of investigations, and the Commission’s very hard work to investigate in such difficult cases merits all our respect and praise, as their findings supported the imposition of measures.”

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