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IKEA Recalls Sladda Bike Due to Snapping Belt Drives

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LEIDEN, the Netherlands – IKEA issued a precautionary recall for all Sladda bicycles sold worldwide. According to a company statement, “IKEA has been informed and advised by a well-established component supplier to recall the SLADDA bicycle, due to safety issues with the drive belt.”

IKEA Recalls Sladda Bike Due to Snapping Belt Drives
IKEA Sladda bike entered world market in 2016. - Photo IKEA

IKEA urges customers to stop using the bike. They have received eleven reports of snapping belts, with two minor injuries. The Sladda bicycle has been awarded a ‘Red dot award’ for its design and has been sold in 26 markets since sales start in August 2016. A total of 6,000 units were sold worldwide.

“We are still proud of the beauty of Sladda and the intentions to create a sustainable urban transportation solution,” the company states. “We also know that many of our customers love their Sladda bike, but for us safety always comes first.

No repair or replacement

Remarkably the defect cannot be repaired as IKEA urges Sladda riders to return their bicycle to a IKEA store for a full refund. It is not clear whether IKEA’s technical service departments are not equipped sufficiently or the technical issue is more than just the replacement of the belt.

Also the accessories specifically designed to fit with Sladda will be refunded. Proof of purchase or a receipt is not required. IKEA apologizes for any inconvenience and want to thank all customers for their understanding.

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