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US E-Bike Import Hit by ‘War On Trade’ With China

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DOETINCHEM, the Netherlands – The Trump administration included the import of e-bikes and bicycles on the lengthy list of Chinese products which will be hit by an additional import duty. The initial announcement of these tariffs was made last March as a part of a USD 50 billion program ordered by US President Donald Trump.

US E-Bike Import Hit by ‘War On Trade’ With China
The consequences of these measures are still unclear. - Photo Shutterstock

The consequences of these measures are still unclear. “There is still much uncertainty about this at this time,” said Larry Pizzi of Accell North America and People for Bikes. “There is a comment period, a hearing period and a review period, yet to be established by the US Trade Representative. If it proceeds, it will have a substantive effect on many of the brands sold in the US. However, it is really too soon to say the effect and if it will actually survive.”


According to the timeline published by ‘the Diplomat’ the initial list of Chinese goods that could be subject to the tariff was published on April 3 by the US Trade Representative (USTR). Industries could ask for exemptions from the tariffs during the next 60 days. Despite discussions between US and Chinese officials, the Trump administration announced on May 29 to move forward with the final list of good released last June 15. Finally, Chinese imports worth USD 34 billion will be subject to the new 25 percent tariff while another USD 16 billion worth of imports subject to the tariff at a later date.

Whether e-bikes (HTSUS 8711.60.00) and bicycles (HTSUS 8711.90.01) will be subject to the 25 percent of the tariffs to be announced on a later date is still unknown.

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