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Dutch Member European Parliament: E-Bike Dumping Investigation is Misplaced

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – In their opposition against the ongoing anti-dumping investigation on China made e-bikes, the Collective of European Importers of Electric Bicycles, gets support from the Dutch Member of the European Parliament Wim van de Camp. In an open letter dated November 8 to the EU Trade Commissioner, Cecilia Malmström, he expressed serious concerns about the ongoing anti-dumping investigation.

Dutch Member European Parliament: E-Bike Dumping Investigation is Misplaced
Van de Camp expressed serious concerns about ongoing e-bike anti-dumping investigation. – Photo CDA

It is not the first time that Van de Camp, member of the European People’s Party, voiced his concerns in this case.

Last June, as coordinator of the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee he already wrote to the European Commission whether they were aware that the anti-dumping investigations “might be too one‐sided and unbalanced.”

Harming consumers, SME’s and climate

In his last week’s letter, Van de Camp stated “We are concerned that the Commission’s ongoing anti-dumping investigation against the import of electric bikes from China is misplaced, and not only harms consumers, SMEs and the EU’s own climate and clean mobility policies, but undermines the credibility of the antidumping instrument.”

Van de Camp concludes its letter stating “We kindly request the Commission to carefully reexamine its approach on the matter.”

Read the full letter of Wim van de Camp

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