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Decathlon Recalls Three Model Year B-Twin Bikes

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LILLE, France – Decathlon detected a front mudguard defect on its B’Twin B’Original bikes sold between January 2016 and 31 August 2018. The French retail giant issued a voluntary recall in several countries including France, United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands

Decathlon Recalls Three Model Year B-Twin Bikes
Decathlon recalled the popular B’Twin B’Orginal which has been sold for 32 months in several European countries. – Photo Decathlon

In a statement Decathlon wrote that, “quality control tests have shown that in some cases the mudguard may block the wheel and cause a crash. As our customer’s safety is paramount, and improving our products is a priority, we issued a voluntary recall.” The exact number of recalled bicycles was not specified.

The six different models mentioned in the recall are:

B’TWIN VTC B’ORIGINAL 500 size S / M 1814364 and size L / XL 1814366

B’TWIN VTC B’ORIGINAL 700 size S / M 1825268 size L / XL 1825269

B’TWIN VTC B’ORIGINAL 700 EU size S / M 1860759 size L / XL 1860760

B’TWIN VTC B’ORIGINAL 900 size S / M 2228596 size L / XL 2228597

B’TWIN HYC B’ORIGINAL 500 COVERED size S / M 2624627 size L / XL 2624626

B’TWIN HYC B’ORIGINAL 900 COVERED size S / M 2627680 size L / XL 2627679

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The defect can be repaired easily. All B’Original owners are called to visit their nearest Decathlon store to have the front mudguard replaced.

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