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EBMA Warns: Chinese E-Bike Makers Already Started Circumventing Dumping Duties

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – The European Bicycle Manufacturers Association is next to applauding the imposed anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures on e-bikes imported from China also already warning for Chinese exporters that want to avoid the extra duties through circumventing them by way of transshipments via third countries. Such illegal actions are already taking place, claims EMBA.

EBMA Warns: Chinese E-Bike Makers Already Started Circumventing Dumping Duties
Moreno Fioravanti, EBMA’s Secretary General ‘Chinese e-bike makers already started circumventing dumping duties on e-bikes.’ – Photo Bike Europe

In a statement Moreno Fioravanti, EBMA’s Secretary General says: “Today, the EU has imposed total additional duties on Chinese e-bikes from 18.8% to 79.3%. The European Commission has listened to calls from European trade unions, bicycle manufacturers, small businesses and cyclists to stop the dumping of Chinese e-bikes. After a thorough investigation, the European Commission established that Chinese manufacturers dump e-bikes at predatory prices to seize EU market share, and receive illegal subsidies from the Chinese government. The EU’s definitive trade defense measures will shield over 800 European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and 90,000 EU jobs against unfair competition from China. EU anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures will lead to the creation of over 4,500 new European jobs already in the first half of 2019 thanks to the reshoring of the production of 900,000 e-bikes this year. The large number of EU bicycle producers will ensure a competitive and innovative environment, offering European consumers a large and diversified portfolio of attractive pedal assist e-bikes in all price ranges. Importers can easily purchase e-bikes manufactured in 22 EU Member states, and fairly traded e-bikes from China and non-EU countries around the world.”

Circumvention already started

In his last Friday published statement Fioravanti also warns “Unfortunately, Chinese e-bike manufacturers have already started circumventing EU trade measures through third countries. EBMA will do whatever it takes to stop such illegal circumvention. European importers need to double check that their suppliers are genuine, and not simply repackaging Chinese e-bikes in contravention of EU anti-circumvention laws. EU importers are welcome to contact EBMA for assistance to avoid breaking EU rules and to stop circumvention from China”.

Anti-circumvention measures are already in place with regard to the import of regular bicycles into the European Union. EBMA is fighting for stricter regulations on circumvention and has in this fight already scored a victory last January 26, 2017. On that date the EU High Court in Luxembourg ruled that Chin Haur Indonesia has been involved in transshipment operations.

Parties involved in this court case said that Chin Haur has been circumventing the 48.5% anti-dumping duty with completely knocked down bicycles it got from Fushida in China.

It goes without saying that EBMA will be pushing the European Commission for starting an investigation on circumvention and transshipment operations by Chinese e-bikes makers and exporters. And that such anti-circumvention measures are likely to follow.

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