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Help Needed To Prevent Mandatory E-Bike Insurance

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – Yesterday, the European Cyclists Federation (ECF) issued an emergency call to all stakeholders as a mandatory insurance on all e-bike types still looms. The ECF call says “Despite the hard work of ECF and its partners in the bicycle industry to make sure that they are excluded from the EU Motor Insurance Directive, the European Commission’s proposal includes this obligation. This has the potential to inflict substantial damage on the development of the European e-bike market.“

Help Needed To Prevent Mandatory E-Bike Insurance
Will all e-bikes need to have an insurance plate soon? ECF issued an emergency call to all stakeholders to prevent this. – Photo Trek

The ECF notes that on 22 January a decisive vote will take place in the European Parliament. “We will need your help to convince Parliamentarians to scrap mandatory insurance for EPACs (e-bikes)”, states the Federation.

The ECF lists these latest e-bike developments:

  • Despite our lobby efforts the European Commission decided to include EPACs in the legislative proposal. If it stands, this would mean that all pedelecs/EPACs would have to have mandatory motor vehicle insurance.
  • The Consumer Affairs Committee leader on this topic (known as the rapporteur) is MEP Charanzová. After lobbying by ECF and CONEBI she has written her report amending the proposal to exclude EPACs by saying that only Type Approved vehicles (motor vehicles) should be included. We strongly support this amendment.
  • After further lobbying we believe that most other MEPS in the committee agree with this. However, two MEPs who represent the S&D (Socialists & Democrats) block in the committee have put forward other amendments that state the opposite and wish to include pedelecs/EPACs.

Furthermore, the Cyclists Federation mentions “There will be a vote on this in the committee on the 22nd January. This has been moved forward from the 29th of January, so we have less time than we initially thought. With this short notice in mind, we now urgently need your help to contact MEPs to nudge them towards voting correctly! The committee decision is not the final decision of Parliament, but usually committee decisions are supported by all the political groups when it comes to a full vote. So this decision now is the most important step in getting this EU Commission recommendation over-ruled in Parliament.”

How to help

Here the ECF offers a template text one for industry members texts for emails for you to send. The Federation would like you to:

  • Translate into your language as best you can, or if you have no time then you can just use the English version. Writing in the MEP’s language will however always be more effective.
  • Where there is an “XXXXXX” you can add your own personal comments on why this is important to you, so for industry members what effect a barrier to EPACs like mandatory insurance could have on your business/industry for example, please mention jobs, jobs, jobs!
  • You can change the text in the mail as much as you like but please keep the first paragraph so that MEPs know what you are referring to and that we ask them to vote for and against the correct amendments.

Then send to your relevant MEPs, the list with mail addresses is in the excel spreadsheet. Please choose your relevant country and send to each MEP in that country in your language and using your corporate design. Multi cross national organisations feel free to send them to all MEPs (in English) though the personal touch is often better. If you are sending a mass mail to all MEPs remember to split the list into three parts so that your mail is not considered spam.

Mail your support letter to:

  • Dita Charanzová
  • Jiří Pospíšil
  • Daniel Dalton
  • Pascal Durand


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