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LEVA-EU: ‘Current Circumvention Duties Complicate Parts Import for E-Bike Assembly in EU’

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GENT, Belgium – Main stakeholders in the e-bike dumping case – LEVA-EU and the Collective of European Importers of Electric Bicycles – reacted as to be expected with deep disappointment and regrets on last week’s imposition of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures on e-bike imported from China. But they also raised concerns of the companies that want to start e-bike assembly in Europe. The two associations state hat current anti-circumvention duties on regular bicycles are hampering such efforts.

LEVA-EU: ‘Current Circumvention Duties Complicate Parts Import for E-Bike Assembly in EU’
Annick Roetynck, Manager of LEVA-EU: ‘European Commission’s decision is punishing European citizens’. – Photo Bike Europe

The point LEVA-EU and the e-bike Importers Collective are raising is this: “Although the duties only apply to complete e-bikes, they also complicate import of component parts for those companies that are trying to organize assembly in Europe. For several decades there have been 48.5% anti-circumvention duties on a number of essential bicycle components such as frames, forks, wheels, etc. imported from China. These duties do not apply if the components are not used for conventional bicycles but for electric bicycles.”

‘Customs want payment of anti-circumvention duties’

Furthermore LEVA-EU and the e-bike Importers Collective state: “Customs’ authorities in many member states are not well informed on this exemption. They go against European rules by demanding payment of anti-circumvention duties for these parts. LEVA-EU is working hard to assist members who are confronted with this problem in their discussions with the customs’ authorities. Nevertheless, many of these companies feel ‘punished’ twice by the European Commission. The other reason for them to feel punished by the duties is because they are unfounded, protectionist, unfair, and absurd. The Commission has failed to prove injury to the plaintiffs, whilst these have been steadily thriving for years on end. The Commission’s decisive argument for these measures is the mere fact that EU Industry’s profitability should increase with 0.9% (!). To that end, the Commission is willing to sacrifice dozens of European SMEs for the benefit of just a few big players”.

‘Punishing European citizens’

LEVA-EU also claims that the European Commission’s decision to impose extra duties on the import of e-bikes from China: “Goes directly against all the efforts of that very same Commission to achieve the EU’s climate goals. What’s more, it is also punishing the European citizens by limiting the offer of electric bicycles, which are bound to increase in price, just as European citizens start to embrace light electric mobility. The duties also have a devastating impact on a large number of European SMEs, whose livelihoods depend on the assembly e-bikes in China. Since there are not enough assembly facilities outside China readily available, many of these companies are now confronted with existential problems for which they have had no time to anticipate in their business planning.”

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