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E-MTB Creator to Lead Accell’s Concentrated R&D Approach

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DIJON, France – He invented e-MTBs with the Lapierre Overvolt model which was launched already in 2013. Two years later Gilles Lapierre said in a Bike Europe interview that e-MTBs were going to make it big. He is now stepping down as Lapierre MD as he has been appointed Accell Group’s Director of Innovation and Technology.

E-MTB Creator to Lead Accell’s Concentrated R&D Approach
Gilles Lapierre appointed Accell’s Director of Innovation and Technology. He invented e-MTBs with Lapierre’s Overvolt model launched in 2013. – Photo Accell NA

Under the new leadership of CEO Ton Anbeek Accell Group has set its sights on creating more e-bike innovations. The company’s last month published financial report included statements on how Europe’s biggest e-bike maker plans to do that. It said that Accell will “Focus on large-scale innovations combined with less fragmented and higher marketing budgets.” CEO Anbeek picked Gille Lapierre to lead the creation of these innovations.

Centralised management

Accell Group’s last month statements on the company’s refined strategy for the 2018 – 2022 period contains specific details on how the company wants to ‘Lead Global, Win Local’. This strategy roll-out is being accelerated with, as the company says “Stronger emphasis on reduction of complexity within the group, centralised management of (e-)commerce and innovation, plus use of scale and synergy potential across the value chain and all regions.”

2015 Interview Gilles Lapierre

2015 Interview Gilles Lapierre

Director of Innovation and Technology

In other words Accell Group is forming an Innovation & Technology department under the management of Gilles Lapierre. In a statement on this he says “I shall take up my new role as Director of Innovation and Technology within Accell Group per May 1, 2018. This new direction will see me work in close collaboration with all of the different Research and Developments departments of Accell Group across the world.”

400,000 e-bikes sold

Accell Group’s more ‘centralized’ and with that more concentrated R&D approach comes as e-bikes have become hugely important for the company. The 2017 financial report reveals that over 512 million euro were made with the sale of e-bikes last year as e-bikes accounted for 63% of the company’s total turnover in bicycle sales which stood at 813 million euro. Accell Group does not say how many e-bikes it sold last year, but an estimation learns that this number stands at around 400,000 units. Total 2017 sales stood at 1,278,000 bicycles.

Leading in e-bikes

Furthermore, Accell CEO Ton Anbeek said on e-bikes in the company’s 2017 financial report “In Europe, we benefited from our leading position in the field of e-bikes. Sales of e-performance bikes for active recreation and sports saw a particularly strong increase and we also recorded a further increase in the order file for 2018.

“We have refined the strategy and translated it into a concrete roadmap for the period 2018 – 2022, including related goals and guidance for required investments and anticipated savings. Our ambition is to become market leader in the mid and high end of the e-bike market in a consumer centric and socially responsible way. ”

Accell’s latest innovation in e-bikes dates back to January 2017 when the company launched a rear hub motor fitted with an integrated 5-speed gear hub. Price-wise it may also be called innovative as the 2017 Sparta R 5e is retail priced at about € 2,000.



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