Tektro Launches Cable Operated Hydraulic Brakes

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Tektro calls it a true revolution in disc brakes for bikes; especially suited for road racers and cyclocrossers. The brake specialist developed a hydraulic disc brake which is operated by a regular cable.

Tektro Launches Cable Operated Hydraulic Brakes
Tektro developed the Hyrd

At last November’s Taichung Bike Week Tektro had big news to present to the assembled product managers from all over the world. Next to cable operated disc brakes another striking new technology was premiered by the Taiwan based brake specialist. This is a twin piston mechanical disc brake which is operated in a special manner.

To start the Tektro news that the company will also be showing at this year’s Taipei International Cycle Show; the cable operated disc brakes offer considerable weight savings. This is the result of the fact that the hydraulic lines and the special brakes levers with integrated cylinders with hydro fluid can be dropped.

The Hyrd

However, to maintain the features of hydraulic operated brakes, Tektro developed the Hyrd which the brake specialist calls a hybrid mechanical/hydraulic disc brake. The Hyrd features an integrated master cylinder and brake caliper in a one piece forged design. This design still allows for considerable weight saving compared to regular disc brakes.

Another new technology to be presented by Tektro at Taipei Cycle is in the Spyre carbon brake. It’s a twin piston mechanical disc brake with a carbon fiber U-type lever arm. This arm allows the cable to actuate both pistons. The Spyre Carbon 2-piston design allows for extra pad clearance.

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