Velo’s AM Saddle Line ‘Plush’ Embraces e-Bike Surge

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Velo Enterprise, world’s leading saddle manufacturer in the OEM sector, is gaining ground increasingly in the Aftermarket. Velo’s Aftermarket saddle line ‘Plush’ addresses the e-bike surge in Europe.

Velo’s AM Saddle Line ‘Plush’ Embraces e-Bike Surge
Velos Aftermarket saddle line Plush addresses the e-bike surge in Europe.

Supporting customers in their saddle needs in the evolving e-bike sector, comfort brand Plush focuses on the landmarks of comfortable saddle support. With the newly adapted slogan: “Comfort you can dream on”, the manufacturer identifies specific needs as, “comfort isn’t just cushioning”.

Ergonomically speaking, a saddle needs to address both the specific riding situation and the constitution of the rider. When integral support is poor, extensive cushioning only worsens posture and skeletal problems, increasing back pain and hastening fatigue.

Two models
A well-constructed saddle distributes the rider’s weight over a larger, well-supported and well-proportioned area, minimizing painful pressure and actually alleviating problems. In the coming season, two Plush models designed especially for e-bike travel give riders of both sexes firm form and long-distance comfort: Plush Tour-e Sport (VL 6220) offers a sporty, streamlined base; Tour-e Soft (VL 6221) offers more cushioning for longer rides – featuring broader saddle berth, shorter length and a touch more padding.

A novel feature on both the new Plush e-bike models is the unique handle grip integrated into the rear: the e-bike ‘tamer’. The well-proportioned, ergonomic grip enables e-bike cyclists to maneuver their heavy vehicles. The new Plush e-bike models 6220 and 6221 are available at participating Velo dealers coming this spring.

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