Darfon Launches Under 60dB Direct Drive Motors

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TAOYUAN, Taiwan – With its strong technical capability, Darfon launches its exclusive motors at Taipei Cycle. The company’s EXCIMER Power Drive solutions allow riders to enjoy easy, smooth and precise power assistances.

Darfon Launches Under 60dB Direct Drive Motors

Darfon Innovation Corp. is a subsidiary of Darfon Electronics Corp., the world leading notebook keyboard and power supply manufacturer based in Taiwan. The company was founded in May 1997 and acquired more than 1,300 patents worldwide. 2011 turnover stood at US$928m.

Darfon employs a staff of around 20,000 at two locations in Taiwan, four facilities in China, one in Korea and other operations in the US and in the Czech Republic. Darfon’s operation in the Czech Republic is to provide one-stop-shopping service, including designing, manufacturing, logistics and customer service for the blooming e-bike market in Europe.

Precise power assistance

At this year’s Taipei Cycle Darfon launches its extremely silent (under 60 dB) Direct Drive motors. The 350W motor weighs only 4.6kg and offers 35Nm torque which enhances the climbing ability of e-bike. Darfon’s EXCIMER Power Drive series comes with motors in various powers ranging from 250W up to 500W, using RPM and Torque sensors, and front or rear motors.

The different combinations aim to provide riders smooth and precise power assistance. Furthermore, EXCIMER Power Drive also incorporates user-friendly icon-based Human Machine Interface and intelligent Battery Management System to provide instinctive, safer and more efficient solutions. For supporting channels and shops, an exclusive diagnosis tool is also provided which will enable efficient and fast service to customers.

Darfon also presenta an innovative 324W battery weighing only 2.7kg. Its full protection circuit design guarantees safer battery pack under different weather and environmental conditions, and can be recharged up to 1000 times. More at:

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