Clarks Cycle New Products

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Clarks Cycle Systems will launch of a number of new products to their range for 2014. Among them a new floating rotor, a hydraulic brake, and ergonomic grips.

Clarks Cycle New Products

Clarks Cycle main new products include a range of new style floating rotors with high grade 7075 alloy and newly designed carriers. There are also interchangeable floating rotors that allow the customer to mix and match carrier and braking band, to find the ultimate combination that works best for them.

There will also be unique one piece CNC machined rotors designed for ultimate performance. Now available in black is the new EXO hydraulic brake. It is redesigned to be lighter and more compact than ever before. According to Clarks Cycle System this is why it’s a leading choice for so many OEM bikes.

In addition there will be a number of new ergonomic grips and BMX grips to add to Clarks’ ever expanding range of products.

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