Miranda Presents New Premium Finishes

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AGUEDA, Portugal – Miranda’s award winning Delta crankarm comes in new types of finishes. The Diamant finish has a constant scratched surface texture all over the arm, giving it a more technical look.

Miranda Presents New Premium Finishes
To give the crank a more sportive look, Miranda makes them available with a engraved logo. - Photo Miranda

Miranda’s Double Diamant finish is nearly the same as the Diamant, but has a slightly different design on the front, complemented by a different texture and more polished surface that enhances the distinctive design outlines of the crank.

To give the crank a more sportive look, the crank is also available with a Miranda logo engraved on the surface. This logo is slightly engraved, giving a highly degree of sophistication when looked at from different perspectives. A new machined version makes the logo stand out, giving contrast between the machined surface and the embossed logo.

All these finishes are available in different colors, to create the best possible design effect with the bicycles. The Delta crank arm (see photo) also comes with a protection system called ICG. It is integrated in the Crank arm to protect the chain when used in combination with the new generation Bosch motors. It also prevents cyclists from coming into contact with the chain.

Bosch chain rings

For this new generation of Bosch e-bike motors, Miranda is also producing chain rings with a special hardness heat treatment, supplemented by an exclusive high resistance coating. Since these chainrings are more subject to wear than a conventional chainring, Miranda developed a more precise configuration for the teeth, to make them last longer.

They can be used in combination with derailleur and hub gear systems. According to Miranda in-house tests of 50,000km proved these chain rings will have a long life under high loads and in extreme conditions. The chain rings will be available in sizes from 15T to 22T, while other custom sizes are made on request.

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