Polisport Offers Customizable Mudguard and Chain Case

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CARREGOSA, Portugal – Inmold Plastic Decals (IPD) is the name of the technology Polisport is taking to plastic bicycle parts. The technology has been used for years by Polisport, which also makes plastic parts for motorbikes.

Polisport Offers Customizable Mudguard and Chain Case

IPD is a decoration process which fuses graphics onto plastic parts as a stronger alternative to decals. As a result, graphics don’t fade, peel, crack, or come off. This technology is an added value for bicycle manufacturers as it opens possibilities for customization and is now featured on a new mudguard and chain case.

The mudguard has a rubber nose and spoiler as well as aluminum stays. The new chain case can be opened easily via a clip on the front, without using any tools. The three part component is simply snapped together. It is made of strong yet lightweight polypropylene.

The chain case can be used with chain rings with a diameter up to 185mm. It is mounted on the frame using two special metallic parts, which are available in different sizes and shapes to match the chain case’ position and the chain line.

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