High Interest for (E)-Bike Use in Spain’s Cities

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VITORIA, Spain – Bike maker BH has conducted a market survey among cyclists in Spain. It reveals that a big 87% of all respondents claim to want to park their cars for making use of regular bicycles or electric bikes in cities.

High Interest for (E)-Bike Use in Spain’s Cities
BH’s market survey reveals 87% of all respondents want to park their cars for making use of regular bicycles or e-bikes in cities. – Photo Bike Europe

Electric bikes have yet to take off in Spain. Only 2% of the respondents in the BH market survey indicate to own one while 18% claims to have tested an electric bike.

Something has to change in cities

As said a big 87% sees potential for the use of bicycles in Spain cities. However, these respondents also indicate that for that urban use something has to change in cities. 74% believe that their towns do not have sufficient facilities for city transport by bike and state that the number of miles of bike lanes are scarce.

Bicycles for daily commute

Currently only 12% of the Spanish population use bicycles for their daily commute, despite the efforts and awareness campaigns to promote the use of bicycles for transportation. 88% use their bikes for fun and entertainment. For this reason, the use of the bicycle is concentrated on weekends by 48%. The most widely used means for urban transport remains the car and the bus.


BH conducted its survey among about 200 cyclists at, what the bike maker calls, Demotour sessions. They took place during the summer months of this year. Here BH also learned that over 34% of the respondents claim to have two bikes at home and 20% reported having more than three bicycles. Only 14% said having only one bike. 88% of all people owning bikes have a mountainbike which is undoubtedly the most popular model to move also in urban areas.

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