Schaeffler Launches Electric Gearshift Actuator

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Schaeffler’s electric gearshift actuator enables clever, comfortable, and efficient cycling. It provides the highest levels of gearshift comfort on bicycles and e-bikes with gear hubs or derailleurs.

Schaeffler Launches Electric Gearshift Actuator
Thanks to its extremely light the electric gearshift system can be fitted in the bicycle's seat tube. - Photo Schaeffler

The electric gearshift actuator can also be combined with the FAG bottom bracket sensor to produce a fully automatic system for e-bikes. The FAG electric gearshift actuator from Schaeffler achieves this by maximizing the shifting speed and ensuring precise, easy gearshifts.

The control system determines the correct gear ratio depending on riding conditions as well as the optimum gear and operates the hub or derailleur quickly, easily and precisely. The shifting operation is so smooth that it is hardly noticed by the rider. In addition, reduced loads are placed on the chain, and gear hub to prevent wear. The basic variant for standard bicycles enables gearshifts at the push of a button using an easy-to-use switch.

The shifting points and gearshift behavior can be freely programmed so that a range of conventional gear hubs and derailleurs can be actuated. The gearshift actuator comprises an electric linear drive with sensors and is equipped with its own software.

Thanks to its extremely light the electric gearshift system can be fitted, for example, in the bicycle’s seat tube between the seat post and the bottom bracket. This means the system is not visible from the outside and it does not interfere with the design of the bicycle. The system is connected to the gear hub or derailleur via a short gear cable.

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