TranzX’s Hi-Power Motor and Battery Solutions

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – TranzX Advancements’ for Model Year 2014 include more than the LogiX CAN-Bus diagnostic technology and the M25 micro central motor already presented in Bike Europe’s August issue. There’s much more.

TranzX’s Hi-Power Motor and Battery Solutions
At the top the new DP 16 display which is compatible with the AGT gear shifter. At the bottom the new battery, the 14.5Ah version with capacity of 415Wh. - Photo TranzX

As well as the M25 product family that has three different systems options in 250W, TranzX also offers a hi-power central motor range with the 48V/350W M07 motor – capable of speeds reaching 32 km/h where regulations permit. Compatible with the new TranzX BL17 down-tube battery, the 48V motor is especially appealing to cyclists asking for a more powerful riding style. The central motor features an integrated controller and dual-sided BB Torque sensor and is compatible with either disc or V-brake. The M07HCC is additionally equipped with a coaster brake.

US e-bike market

TranzX’s M19QQR rear motor is available in two versions – 48V/350W and 48V/500W offering a peak torque of 42 Nm which addresses the specific needs of the growing e-bike market in the USA (speeds up to 20mph/32km/h), as well as Speed-Pedelecs (maximum speed 45km/h). A powerful system with quick release function, the new, brushless M19 motor is compatible with disc or V-brakes.

As mentioned, the MO7 motor is compatible with the new BL17 Down-Tube Battery that can be attached to the down-tube of the bike frame. The new Lithium-Ion BL17 battery is being offered in both a 36V (8.8 Ah/11.6Ah) and 48V (8.7Ah) version, with maximum capacity of 415Wh. The BL17 offers a stylish power solution created to meet the growing demand for sportive e-bikes and the increasing number of younger users. Charged while attached to the e-bike or easily removed, thanks to the integrated rubber grip holds on the sides, an LED indicator monitors the battery’s charging capacity.

Carrier batteries

The newest TranzX carrier battery development is the 14.5Ah version of the BL033, BL07 and BL15 carrier batteries. The 14.5Ah TranzX carrier batteries use the longest-lasting and most advanced 18650 Lithium-Ion cells to achieve riding distances of up to 155 km; without an increase in original size, the 14.5Ah battery now delivers 522Wh in the 36V version. All batteries are BATSO and UNN38.3 certified and use the newly advanced Battery Management System (BMSS).

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