Ultra-light E-scooter for Urban Transport Solutions

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PARIS, France – A group of remarkable innovators from across the globe gathered in Paris as part of the ‘1,000 Pioneers’ event. One of them was Stigobike Ltd. Presenting their innovative Stigo electric scooter.

Ultra-light E-scooter for Urban Transport Solutions
The Stigo weighs only 17 kilogram and is a mere 45x40 centimeter when folded. – Photo Stigo

Stigo’s maximum speed is 25 km/h, which allows Stigo to be classified as a limited performance scooter with lower legal and traffic requirements.

This inventive electric scooter weighs only 17 kilogram and is a mere 45×40 centimeter when folded. The folded scooter resembles a golf bag or a wheeled suitcase, and can be brought along wherever one wishes to go – a restaurant, apartment, on public transportation or a small elevator.

Short distances driving

“Stigo scooter is created for urban people, who often have difficulties finding a parking space or experience time-consuming traffic jams. It’s great for people who drive short distances to work, occasionally going to a meeting in town and hoping on and off public transportation,” explains Rando Pikner, the CEO of Stigo.

“We also see potential for Stigo among motorhome and yacht users, as they are always in need of a short distance vehicle that could be easily stored away in a small compartment. The third sector in which Stigo can be useful is organizations in need of indoor or closed territory transportation, such as hospitals, university campuses, airports, etc.,” he adds.

Door-to-door transportation

Stigo Ltd’s goal is to offer door-to-door transportation solutions for people in dense urban areas. Stigo designs and manufactures innovative foldable electric scooters that are the lightest and most ergonomic of their kind. The company is planning to produce 8,000 electric scooters in 2015.

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