Novatec Launching Factor

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Factor is a premium wheel line boasting the pinnacle of technology from wheel maker, Novatec. All Factor wheels have a custom-tooled high compaction carbon fiber rim and a 6-pawl cassette body.

Novatec Launching Factor
Factor is also Novatec's entrance into the carbon wheelset market. - Photo Bike Europe

Their introduction at Eurobike came with a line of road and tubeless ready MTB wheelsets. Factor is also Novatec’s entrance into the carbon wheelset market. In MTB the Factor will come in three sizes, the 26-inch for downhill and enduro, the 27.5-inch for enduro and the 29 inch for cross country use. All wheelsets come with Novatec’s XD601 front and XD602SB rear hub. These hubs feature 32 spoke holes and are compatible with Novatec’s 4-in-1 system.

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