Trek Shifts to Bosch for MY 2015 E-Bikes

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ULM, Germany – At the Trek World dealershow for the German speaking markets, which took place from August 1 to 11, it became clear that Trek Fahrrad GmbH is completely shifting to Bosch drive systems for its MY 2015 e-bikes.

Trek Shifts to Bosch for MY 2015 E-Bikes
Trek World in Ulm showed that Trek Germany stopped its cooperation with BionX. – Photo Jo Beckendorff

The range that was presented at Trek World in Ulm, showed that Trek stopped its cooperation with BionX for the German speaking markets. That cooperation started in 2009 with the exclusive right for Trek to equip their e-bikes with the BionX hub motor with integrated SRAM 3 speed internal gear hub (the IGH3).

Changes in dealer presentations

Trek World Ulm 2015 welcomed a total of around 750 people representing approximately 500 stores. This show reflected the changes the US based bike company made in its dealer presentations that started in 2012 when Trek decided to cancel its Eurobike participation and switched to its own house-shows. The first Trek World was held in Frankfurt and focused on all dealers in Europe. Since last year each country has its own Trek World house-show.

Specialized follows Trek’s example

This year Specialized is following Trek’s example as it decided to pull out of the global bike show in Friedrichshafen. Specialized decided for this in order to: “Strengthen our dealer relationship as we want to be able to offer an even better service to our dealers by allowing them to see and experience the product in an attractive setting with the best test ride conditions available,” explained John Glett, Market Leader Specialized in Germany, Switzerland and Austria last January.

Strategy changes

At Trek World Ulm also some strategy changes were announced. Like that Trek stopped operating the Villiger brand on the Swiss market. The US bike company bought Villiger in December 2002. From now on Trek’s German Diamant brand will be distributed in Switzerland. Diamant is in 2015 celebrating its 130th anniversary and with it is, according to Trek Fahrrad GmbH marketing manager Hubert Hager, “The oldest still existing bike maker in the world.”

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