SRAM Stops G8 and G9 Internal Gear Hub Production

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CHICAGO, USA – SRAM will stop the production of the G8 and G9 gear hubs in its Dali facility in Taiwan. According to the component manufacturer this decision is, “Not related to any technical of quality issue but is the result of the current market situation.”

SRAM Stops G8 and G9 Internal Gear Hub Production
SRAM started the production of the G8 and G9 two years ago. – Photo SRAM

Looking at that market situation, it quickly becomes clear that there are currently evident reasons for fitting city and e-bikes with Nexus-7 hubs. In particular as they are produced in Europe.

Bicycle manufacturers can thus purchase them with euro’s. SRAM gear hubs are manufactured in Taiwan and have to be sourced there with euro’s that currently have a low exchange rate against other currencies. Next to price issues of course lead times with SRAM made in Taiwan hubs come into play too.

SRAM remains committed to IHG’s

SRAM’s decision doesn’t mean that the components manufacturer will pull out of the internal hub gear market completely. “We remain committed to the urban category and internal gear hub components,” SRAM stated. “The production of the SRAM’s i-3, Automatix and Dual Drive products will continue.”

E-bike components

SRAM will also continue to develop internal gear hubs as the company reported advanced component development associated with e-bike applications. This is taking place with the SRAM DD3 Pulse. Probably SRAM presented this new internal gear hub especially suited for e-bikes already to OEMs.

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